Your classes have given me the joyful experience of just how much the body responds to gentleness.’
— Maggie

My practice and teaching is inspired by the late Vanda Scaravelli (author of 'Awakening the Spine') who worked individually with B.K.S.Iyengar, Desicachar, and J.Krishnamurti. She went on to develop her own way of working with gravity and the breath to free the spine’s powerful and natural flexibility. 

This way of practicing yoga is not so much about achieving a particular pose or posture but is a way of using the postures to bring about more freedom to the mind and the body. 

There is often much tension that is held in our body's and minds from our habitual mode of ‘doing’... the continual striving to be 'better’ people, to achieve more ... leading us to push our bodies, often with detrimental results. 

This intelligent way of practicing yoga requires that we come away from any habits to force or push the body into a particular shape and instead begin to cultivate a friendly attitude towards it…we begin to listen to it and work with it (rather than against it) in a way that is both kind and harmonious. We begin to cultivate sensitivity and affectionate interest towards our body, listening to it’s own inner intelligence and then letting that guide us. 

We begin to re-connect with the natural flow of our breath as it breathes and the powerful pull of gravity on the body; our closest companions on this journey of discovery. As we trust the support of the earth beneath us, re-connect with the breath and ‘let go’ into gravity, tension is released and a light and spacious opening can arise, bringing with it a sense of wholeness, inner confidence and deep contentment