Deep Rest Meditation

Have you ever noticed how much of the time you’re busy trying to get somewhere else?

We live in a world that is telling us that in order to be more fulfilled we must keep doing more and more. Yet, what we really yearn for can only be experienced when we stop, rest and make space.

Often driven by a sense of ‘there’s something wrong, something needs fixing/resolving’ we end up constantly trying to control and improve things, exhausting ourselves in the process. Although we may try to relax, most of us struggle to really know how and have lost touch with what true rest really feels like.

When we live so much of our life in ‘doing mode’ we become disconnected from ourselves, our true hearts desires and what really matters to us.

As John O’Donnohue once said, “We’re so busy trying to manage our life, that we cover over the great Mystery”

This is not just another self-care activity. This is a profound practice that invites us to slow down and come home to our deeper self. To soften around the tendency we all have to constantly try and control our lives, ourselves, other people, and instead rest back into the quiet space inside where we can begin to experience what is already whole and harmonious. In this place wonder and creativity flourish and we can begin to feel the sacredness of our lives and hear the whispers of our soul.

From this place of connection and rest we can discover fresh perspective on our everyday lives, our resilience can grow and we can begin to feel increasingly relaxed amidst the challenges of everyday life.

‘Claire gently enables and supports you on a journey towards a restful, blissful state for both mind and body’.
— Hilary