Mindful Yoga and Deep Rest Classes


Wednesdays 10am-11:30am

  • 7 week course beginning 30th October 2019 (£56)

Wednesdays 6-7:30pm

  • 7 week course beginning 30th October 2019 (£56)

Thursdays 10-11:30am

  • 7 week course beginning 31st October 2019 (£56)

These weekly yoga sessions are a precious opportunity to slow down, to begin to re-connect with yourself, life, in the present moment. Rather than pushing and pulling the body into postures we begin to learn through attentive breath work to release unnecessary tension, striving and effort so that movement can begin to unfold from within and we can re-discover a natural ease, fluidity and lightness that can permeate through our whole being. The practices are gentle, yet deep as we learn to listen to the body's natural intelligence, letting that guide us towards a greater sense of wholeness. The latter part of each class is devoted to deep rest meditation

Claire is profound, her warmth and calm radiate into her teaching, she truly is inspirational. Under her gentle guidance I feel safe and held, any tension I have simply drops away. Beyond class her words remain with me, I now have a deep sense of peace and balance in my daily life.”
— Linda, Retired Accountant

Monthly Meditation Sessions

21st Sept, 12th Oct, 16th Nov, 14th Dec


Sessions are from 10:30am-12
£12 each, or £40 for the four.
Contact me to book a place.

These monthly meditation sessions are are an opportunity to learn how to truly relax and rest. We often spend so much of our lives focusing on 'what's wrong', trying to solve problems and control life. The practice of mindfulness and deep rest invite us into the experience of sensing what is already whole and harmonious within ourselves. From there, more ease and kindness can flourish and we can discover fresh perspective on our everyday life. These sessions include both sitting and lying down meditation. Learn more about deep rest practice and mindfulness.

I have learned from Claire how important it is for me not to try harder to achieve something but rather to let go and let the movement happen...this has felt like a release of tension leaving me more aware, more tuned in and better able to deal with my recurrent back problem..... thank you!
— Anne, Retired GP

One to One Sessions

£40 for one hour

(Cancellations: Please give a a minimum of 24 hours to notify me if you need to cancel. Any less than 24 hours will mean the missed session will need to be paid for)

Why book a one-to-one?

Many people feel they would like to receive more focused attention to help support and deepen their yoga and/or mindfulness practice. For others, it might simply be too difficult to commit to a weekly class due to busy work commitments or being a mum.

These sessions can provide a unique opportunity to:

  • help you build a daily yoga and mindfulness practice that can support you in your daily life

  • help you to work creatively and wisely with specific issues in the body

  • to learn effective and practical tools that can help to develop greater self-compassion and self-awareness

  • to learn how to self-regulate and deeply relax

    Examples of some of the many issues that can be addressed in an individual yoga session are:

  • stress/anxiety

  • postural issues - including lower back pain

  • breathing difficulties/ asthma

  • back or knee problems

  • sleep issues

  • stiff neck/shoulder

Claire’s subtle hands-on ‘adjustments’ by-pass the brain analysis framework and get to the heart of the yoga practice. These super gentle adjustments bring clarity and focus, deepening body awareness.
— Katy, Yoga Teacher
Really look forward to yoga with Claire and miss it when we have a break - I come out of class feeling calm and at peace - wonderful feeling!
— Mary, Retired PE teacher